TPG League Application Form

Complete this application as required by the league for the advertised position.

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Questions regarding the position and/or application should be directed to the following contact persons:

TPG|Tin Bad

TPG|BuLLeT FoDDeR (carbon copy on all emails)

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Please note that personal information you supply is used only to assist us in determining whether or not you are qualified for the advertised position. Information you supply to the league will be kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of league management. If you are not interviewed or selected for an advertised position, we may keep your application on file for consideration in future positions, if you agree.



Position applying for:

- CS:GO Classic Admin
- DOD 1.3 Classic Admin
- DOD 1.3 6v6 Admin
- DOD 1.3 6v6 Euro Admin
- DOD 1.3 3v3 Admin
- DOD Source 6v6 Admin
- DOD Source 3v3 Admin
- Anti Cheat Admin (specify league)
- Marketing/Media Relations
- Graphic Artist
- Web Development
- Other (please specify)

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Have you ever been suspended and/or banned from league play?
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Are you fluent in any language other than English?
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Community stuff (what are you involved with in the game community):

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Do we have your permission to store your application on file so we may contact you in the future if a position does become available?

*Note: When submitting your application please provide your name and position applying for in the subject line.